Free Affidavit of Truth Form

Free Affidavit of Truth FormAn Affidavit of Truth is a twelve page pseudo-legal document that states that the affiant who is declaring an Affidavit of Truth is a Sovereign individual or freeborn Sovereign person consistent with the tradition of natural common law.

The Affidavit of Truth describes jurisdictions as defined by the powers of various governments and the findings in a number of global court cases. Then it covers the powers and contractual obligations of government officials and the issue of statutes and regulations contrary to the various laws as being null and void to persons who adhere to the beliefs of natural common law.

The Affidavit of Truth then goes on to declare that any hidden or adhesion contracts a government might claim have compromised the status of the Sovereign individual are null and void from the outset.

These supposed hidden contracts include the use of:

• Bank Notes
• Bank account
• Social Security number
• Drivers licenses
• License plates
• Tax returns
• Birth certificate
• Marriage License
• Children in public schools
• Declaration of Citizenship
• Voter registration
• Use zip or postal codes

The Affidavit of Truth is therefore used by impertinent individuals to circumvent the laws of many nations. Another way to try to evade paying a fair share of taxes, in my opinion. Why go to all the trouble of declaring an Affidavit of Truth? If things are so bad that you need an Affidavit of Truth, why not just find another country to live in.

Download hundreds of Free Affidavit Forms customized with your own Legal Documentation.


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